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There are many added advantages in using web based project management software. Whenever the flow of communication and interaction to be maintained, between employees of your corporation, then software which can be accessed online is highly beneficial. Web based project management software eliminates the need for you to install various programs on each computer. Anyone who is online can access different files at a given point of time even if they do not have the software installed on their computer. This makes it easier and faster to manage multiple projects.
omniProject is flexible web-based resource management software that is suitable for any medium sized company that needs to keep track of its resources, projects, clients, contacts , planning and daily scheduling. Achievo's core is available in more than 20 languages. Basic features include:
Time registration
* Employees can register time on project/phase/activity combinations.
* This includes daily registration or weekly registration, hour reporting and blocking of time periods.
Project management
This part includes management of projects, phases, tasks, notes, statistics, planning, members en project templates.
Customer Relationship Management
* The CRM section of omniProject allows you to administer your suppliers, prospects and customers and for each of these contact persons.
* It also includes a contract management part where contracts can be managed by relation. Projects are also managed by relation.
Human Resource Management
At the HRM section, the management of employees and employee-contracts reside. Contract hours and security-profiles can also be handled here.
* Achievo's scheduler enables users to share a schedule with the other users.
* The scheduler includes dayview, weekview, monthview, recurring events and e-mail notices. Furthermore, it is possible to compare schedules.

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