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Omni's DMS
Omni’s DMS enables you to manage your business critical documents like contracts, proposals, agreements, marketing and sales materials, as well as technical renderings and manuals. With Omni’s DMS, you have full version control, ensuring that you always have the right version of the file you need, and full access from anywhere, any time.
Omni’s DMS saves valuable time otherwise wasted searching for information and recreating misplaced documents, and eliminates mistakes and costs associated with using the wrong version. Omni’s DMS makes your business critical documents smarter and more actionable, enabling your company to work together more effectively
Creation, Review and Approval
The solution simplifies the process of creating new documents or making changes to existing ones. It allows users to initiate these requests and take the document through various stages as per rules and workflows defined at the organizational level. Tasks for creating, reviewing, and approving documents are assigned based on roles and responsibilities along with due dates. Email notifications and reminders keep the process on schedule. Escalations can be triggered when due dates are not met.
Cross-functional teams can work on a document at the same time, adding their comments and annotations without modifying the original document. They can also route the document back to the author for incorporating changes. Upon completion of the review and approval process, the document can be published with email notifications sent to a distribution list.
The document management system delivers essential, document, record and workflow management. The following are some of the many standard features in the software:
Web Access
Omni’s DMS software can be accessed from anywhere in the world via a web browser. Multiple browsers are supported and all functionality is available including system administration and library administration.
Mobile Omni’s DMS
Manage your documents while out of the office with the easiest mobile document management software you will ever use.
Search documents from a simple Google-like search or an advanced search using metadata. Save the searches to create reports whenever you need them.
Records Management Software
Manage both short and long term working and archived documents. Advanced Record retention and disposition policies for both electronic and paper based records are standard in the software. Document, data and usage history is fully captured to stay in compliance.
Electronic Forms (e-Forms)
Metadata information can be extracted from electronic forms created using the standard Microsoft Word tools found in Office or PDF forms. Once created the form data can be automatically extracted into Omni’s DMS metadata when the form is added to the system.
Differentiate your daily tasks and become more proficient at accomplishing your document management goals using theOmni’s DMS calendar.
Document Version Control
Document version control software provides: check in / checkout ability preventing documents from being overwritten or deleted as documents are updated by more than one party. All versions of a document are maintained by the software.
Check Documents Out / Check Documents In
Users are able to check in and check out documents from the software from within Microsoft Office applications, using the Desktop Application or from anywhere in the world using the web interface.
Document "Tagging" or Metadata Capture
Capturing metadata or "tagging" (key data about the document) is the key to successful search and document organization. The software has easy to use controlled document tagging ensuring documents are classified.
Work Offline
If you are traveling or out of the office and are not connected to the Omni’s DMS document management server, you can still work on your important documents offline. The software will recognize the document changes and can be synchronized with the Library once you are back online.
Document Linking
Document to document linking builds parent or child relationships between documents and allows users to link and organize documents in logical groups. Linking provides the ability to create document shortcuts to documents frequently needed.
User Roles and Security
Omni’s DMS ships with a choice of different user security roles ranging from "read only" to "System Administration" to provide an appropriate level of user access permissions for workers at all levels. Users see only documents that administrators want them to see.
Ease of Use
The Omni’s DMS filing structure mirrors the physical office filing environment. Document cabinets contain drawers that contain folder groups and or folders that contain documents. This familiar document filing approach ensures that users can easily browse for documents in a logical and efficient fashion.
User Audit Logging and Tracking
Omni’s DMS tracks and records every user activity to ensure a complete audit trail of document activity in the software. This document auditing capability ensures compliance and protects intellectual property.
Email documents via attachments or links.
Document Subscriptions
Omni’s DMS software allows users to subscribe to and to be notified of edits to documents or changes to folders they have subscribed to. When an existing document is updated or a document is added to a folder, the user receives email notification that the change has occurred, who has changed it, and receives a secure link to directly access the document.
Document Naming Standards
The software can be configured to automatically create document names to enforce adherence to document or record naming conventions.
URL Support
Provides the ability to send a secured link to a document, rather than emailing the document and cluttering up the mail inbox. This link can then be clicked on to launch the Web Client or Desktop Client to work on the document in a few seconds.
Document Control Numbering
This feature provides for the automatic application of document control numbers to documents.
Reporting and document Compliance
Omni’s DMS comes with many built in reports to give administrators information about the usage of documents and users.

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