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Omni’s Online Hotel Reservation System
The challenge for any hotel today is how to increase the visibility and reach of its property at as low a cost as possible. You have made the effort to develop a beautiful hotel website to attract online visitors. You have added stunning pictures of your hotel and even made sure that your website content is both informative and appealing. However, just having a website isn’t everything; your branded website has to be the most important tool of your marketing strategy.
Omni’s Online Hotel Reservation System can be the critical part of your marketing plan and can help convert “lookers to bookers” on your website.
With Online Hotel Reservation System:

✓ You will make more money as you capture more reservations from your website.

✓ Quicker check-ins and check-outs with instant credit card charging.

✓ Enjoy more time and freedom since 20 to 50% of your guests will book online.

✓ Your rooms will be easier to sell. Potential buyers love that you are organized and use a system they can easily take over.

✓ If your computer dies, your information is safe.

✓ You will have access to everything you need to run your hotel from anywhere in the world.

✓ There are no hidden fees or commissions, just transaction charges payable to the bank for payment gateway.( Varies between 1 to 2 %).

✓ No Agents Commission.

Salient Features of Online Hotel Booking System:
Online Room Booking
Integrate our room booking system into your hotel website to allow users to book rooms online. Room booking system is a 24/7 open front desk accepting bookings and collecting deposit payments. A simple step-by-step online reservation process with the possibility for bookers to return through steps in order to correct information.
Reservation Manager
Integrated reservation management module provides facilities for administrators to manage booking details, add booking manually, edit reservations or contact client directly through the admin page.
Room Management Module
Through the back-end panel of our room booking system administrator can add an unlimited number of room types, add description, upload an unlimited number of photos and specify how many people a specific room can accommodate.
Room Rates & Price Management
Manage hotel prices and rates of the hotel reservation system is easy and flexible: - Define prices based on number of people sharing a room; - Define default prices per night / per room; - Set prices for each day of the week; - Add custom and season hotel prices.
Customizable Booking System
As an administrator you can modify default booking settings, such as currency used, default booking status, deposit and tax percentage, or define which form fields to be available in the booking form. You can set a custom 'thank you' page or manage payment methods.
Multiple Room Booking
Through our room booking software guests can book more than one room with a single reservation. During the booking process users will see the available rooms for the chosen period and will have the opportunity to select one or more rooms and a number of guests.
Discounts & Special Prices
Our room reservation system allows you to manage discounts and special prices. Trough the reservation system back-end administrator can manage special prices or discounts which apply either to a rate or a promotion such as a percentage discount or a free night.
Generate Reports
Our hotel booking software generates booking reports which includes the total number of bookings, room reserved, bookings canceled, nights booked by room type and the number of people stayed
Booking Terms
With our online hotel reservation system you can add and manage custom booking terms. Booking terms and an agreement check box are available for the user before checking out.

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